Crack Mirror

Not many people are aware that that the popular show “Black Mirror” is actually spin off of a short-lived television series from the ‘80s called “Crack Mirror”. While the more modern Netflix series has certainly proven more popular, with its often bleak take on the dangers of technology, the original series was just as pessimistic about a different topic — drugs. Although only seven episodes of the show were aired before being cancelled by PBS, a full season of 12 episodes was scheduled to be produced by Ronald Reagan’s television production company ReaganCo. After several weeks of sleuthing, our team has been able to uncover the scripts of the unreleased five episodes.

A straight-laced college freshman is pressured into trying marijuana at party. Upon discovering that he enjoys both marijuana and the metaphorical high that comes along with breaking the law, he loses respect for all forms of authority, drops out of college and chooses to become a psychotic axe murderer.

San Junipero:
A small town nurse discovers an outbreak of lesbianism being caused by a new designer drug.

The National Anthem:
A drug addicted, high ranking US diplomat accidentally loses his stash on a foreign trade trip in Saudi Arabia. The fiending diplomat strikes a deal to buy drugs from a local anarchist group who humiliate him by forcing him to have intercourse with a pig to prove he is not an undercover cop.

In a utopian world where technology has essentially taken care of all of our needs, a small group of outsiders begins creating artisanal psychedelic drugs to deal with the mind-numbing boredom of everyday life.

Crack Museum:
After a drug fuelled nuclear war wipes the earth of nearly all of its inhabitants, one survivor sets out to build a museum to document how drugs lead to the collapse of society.The first artifact he puts on display is Rick James’ crack pipe.