Global Warming Bars

Nicki Minaj
Bitch I’m the one surrounded by some zeroes too
Just came back from London had to see 02
Rapper, popstar now ceo too
Making the world hot like CO2

They like “Marshall, how you feel about global warming?”
It’s pretty straightforward man I’m all for it
Fuck the arctic and fuck the forests
I’m from Detroit where it could be warmer

J. Cole
Still remember that summer it was a thousand degrees
Fayetteville prom June 2003
I was on a quest to lose my virginity
On my Lauryn Hill tryna get me that thing
And when it finally happened you know I felt it dude
Finished real quick, my ice cap melted dude

Wiz Khalifa
Catch me in Calabasas smoking greenhouse gases
While a sexy socialite shows me her assets
And yeah my car’s not the fastest
But it runs on grass bitch (like me!) and that’s fantastic

Andre 3000
You wanna know what bothers me?
Honestly it’s gotta be human psychology
Like instead of constantly just chasing broccoli
Can’t we live modestly, in harmony with ecology