TikTok is Good and Resiliency Can Be Too

The last post was kind of depressing so it’s time for a little pick me up. There’ve been two things that have given me a surprising amount of joy and optimism during these dark times:

1 – TikTok

I’ve discovered that asking for someone’s opinion on TikTok is a good litmus test for determining if someone is a buzzkill or not. Anybody that “doesn’t get it” or that takes themself to seriously to enjoy it probably isn’t someone that you want in your life because it’s a damn good app. 1

2 – Quarantine wedding content. 

At first I found them a bit sad but the more I come across them the happier they make me. There’s something super cool about people being resilient and celebrating a joyous occasion amidst all this. 2


There’s no such thing as a clickbait headline anymore:



With so many terrifying graphs and charts lately it’s nice to see a funny one:


Unexpected quarantine trends:


  1. The fact that Quibi is asking for however much a month while TikTok is free is laughable.
  2. Resiliency in the good way not in the “hold up, that’s actually sad” way.