Arrogance is the Worst

I don’t feel very strongly about many things but arrogance is one of them. Arrogance enrages me viscerally. In fact, I am fairly certain that the only piece of generic advice I ever feel 100% confident about giving is this..

Do your best not to be arrogant. Ever.

There are many types of arrogance. 1 Preachy arrogance. Discriminatory arrogance. Taking yourself way too seriously to have fun arrogance. Avoiding all responsibility by blaming everyone else arrogance. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Most religions are very against arrogance but don’t get it twisted there are arrogant people over there too. We should all worry a little about systems that result in arrogant people winning or taking power. I’m all for strong beliefs, disagreement and the competition of ideas just don’t be arrogant.

Don’t be too arrogant to teach, learn or change your mind. Don’t be arrogant enough to think people aren’t entitled to make mistakes. Don’t be too arrogant to apologize when you make a mistake and don’t be too arrogant to accept a sincere apology. If you’re ever unsure, it’s probably better to just err on the potentially less arrogant side. And if you think someone else is behaving arrogantly give them the benefit of the doubt until you can’t anymore. 

No good comes from arrogance so try to avoid it. Or as better and more succinctly put by someone way more poetically inclined than me..

Be humble. Sit down.


Have you ever seen a giant cheque out of context? My neighbour has multiple for some reason.

  1. I googled “types of arrogance” as a part of writing this and according to researchers there’s apparently only 3 types of arrogance…the arrogance of thinking you have discovered a grand unified theory of arrogance ?