I Miss Basketball

I have no idea how it took me so long to discover the Wikipedia pages for NBA regular season / post season records but I’m glad I did. As a basketball fan that misses the playoffs dearly it was just what I needed. Some unfiltered thoughts upon first glance:

  • We are all potentially living through the golden age of basketball: 
    • At first I thought that it was because I am a bigger hoops fan than any other sport but a quick skim through the record pages for other sports I follow at a reasonably close level seems to confirm that there are just way more records held by NBA players playing over the past 2-3 decades than in other sports. 
  • Steph Curry is amazing: 
    • Reggie Miller is in second place all time with 2560 career three pointers made over 1389 games. Steph is slightly behind him with 2483 career three pointers in less than half as many games (694). It is only a matter of time before he passes Ray Allen in the number one spot with 2973 three pointers made.
  • John Stockton is underrated: 
    • This might just be my own basketball blind spot but how is John Stockton not ranked higher among all time greats when he is so far ahead of everyone in career assists and steals? He has more than 20% higher totals than the second place record holder in both (Jason Kidd both times weirdly). Longevity matters!
  • Random Raptor facts that blew my mind: 
    • Kawhi has the highest win percentage of all time (75%). 
    • DeMar has the record for most free throws made in a row in one game (24).
    • Giannis’ 20 rebound game against the Raps this postseason put him in a 9 way tie for most defensive rebounds in a playoff game.
  • The NBA has really good nicknames: 
    • Popeye Jones and Sleepy Flloyd in particular stand out since I hadn’t heard of them.
  • There will always be incredibly influential sports stars that you will not be aware of simply because they played so long ago: 
    • I mean how have I never heard of Joe Fulks?
  • Things that genuinely surprised me: 
    • Derek Fisher holds the record for most playoff games played in (259).
  • Things I knew but that still kind of surprised me when seen written out: 
    • Shaq missed an insane amount of free throws (5317)
    • The Lakers have made the finals a lot (31 times)
    • The spurs have been good for a while (22 playoff appearances in a row as of this year). 

God bless people that update wikipedia pages. I legitimately feel like I should have paid for this experience.


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