Active Protection Armour in Slow Motion (in Russian, but you don't need a translation)

[Video] After about 40 tries my 8 yr old son (who's always gaming) made his first unassisted basket on a full-size rim.

Bear McCreary - All Along the Watchtower [Soundtrack] Fantastic cover from Battlestar Galactica

Drunk guy pukes in Teamspeak, Streamer can't hold it together.

Hillary Supporters Don't Let Bernie Supporters Speak, Precinct Captain calls Bernie "Socialist Jew"

[Haiku] This is the future

Team Fourstar has now been taken down due to DMCA abuse. #WTFU

Best Train Driver Announcement

[MKBHD] Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge impression!

Annoying reviewer getting annihilated by Quentin Tarantino.

I don't know what I expected, but it definitely wasn't that

You guys remember that Alternate OmniKnight Voice Pack I started 6 months ago? Its all done-presenting the Immortalis Omni Set Voice Pack!

I built an applause machine

Liquid Life | Meet Liquid s1mple

How the Coen Brothers show conversations in their films [7:04]

Woman sings anime theme song on a game show.

Leonardo DiCaprio went through intense conditions for his 'Revenant' role, but Brie Larson isolated herself for a month to prepare for 'Room.'

Austin Nichols had this idea on Talking Dead tonight so I asked that someone make it. AND MAKE IT THEY DID. I've watched it 10x already. [Spoiler for tonight's ep]

Take On Me cover by Ninja Sex Party

The Homosexual (1950)'s health film teaches young men about the dangers of homosexuality a disease

Bohemian Rhapsody after being passed through several layers of Google Translate.

People Before Polluters | Bernie Sanders

Aaron Gordon dunks from inside the FT line off of two feet

Members of Parliament laugh at opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn uninterrupted for 25 seconds

How a Million Pound 747-8 Tests It's Brakes

An editor went insane and created this inconceivable bar scene mashup