Bernie Sanders: "I am going to change the face of American politics"

My family will hate me for posting this. I got enough shit for putting it to music... This is me fighting with my older sister in the 80's and my little sister getting caught in the middle.

Hillary Clinton Says Bernie Sanders Is Just Full Of Crap

Glass-Steagall | Bernie 2016 (New Ad!)

This game makes mass surveillance look kind of fun

1979 Taco Bell ad.

MMA fighter accidentally hits official

Black Lives Matter interrupts Hillary at private $500/person event in South Carolina 2/24/16

3 kids try to gang up on a lone player, they immediately regret it (The Division)

26 years ago today, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper entered the town of Twin Peaks to investigate the death of a Laura Palmer

When I'm applying for a job

LG G5 Hands-On: A lot has changed here

Stand up guy kills it on Conan last night

African kids see drone for the first time!

Man lip syncs to We Are The World using FaceSwap Live

Joel & Ethan Coen - Shot | Reverse Shot

In response to the Batman v Superman announcement, I present a montage of "R-Rated" violence from The Hobbit's Extended Edition Blu-ray

Merlin CDLTD Issue still Continues and it Got Worst


A message to Xbox from Snoop Dogg

I went way too deep into youtube...

Remember that trailer about wizards adjusting to life in the suburbs? Well the whole series of "The Wizards of Aus" is up on youtube and it turned out awesome.

Hey Reddit, I started a YouTube series that explains in easy terms how the Game Boy worked! Here's episode 1: the CPU.

Take On Me - NSP

New DLC- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack!!

Hillary Clinton: I'll release transcripts if others do