White Daydreams and Hobbies

Sometimes I do this weird thing where I daydream what it’s like to be white. Because while I’m sure it’s not as cool as I imagine in my head, it does have to be pretty awesome. That’s the only explanation for a lot of super white hobbies. Take camping for example. This is what the basic idea of camping sounds like to most non-white people:

What if your life was so perfect that you spent a couple weekends a year pretending to be dirt poor, just for fun?

Skydiving is yet another white people hobby we generally don’t get the thought process behind:

My life is too safe. Let’s jump out of a plane strapped to a stoned hippy for the lulz

But the ultimate white privilege hobby is definitely serial killing. Do you know how confident you have to be that you’re not going to get pulled over to commit multiple murders? I get nervous driving with weed in the car so a dead body is kind of a no-no for me.