Unintentional Comedy Babies

Writing jokes is generally pretty fun but there is one thing about it that is heartbreaking. Comedy is the only activity where someone can beat you by complete accident. The other day my friend showed me a video of a sneezing baby that was way funnier than every single joke I’ve ever told combined. This baby was like a young Eddie Murphy. In fact if this baby had any other material he could probably go on tour. That’s how funny this baby’s reaction to sneezing was.

At first even I had to grudgingly admit that the baby had skills. He knew how to work his audience. But then we watched it a couple more times and at this point my friend is literally crying tears of laughter. I on the other hand, was crying internally. Because it was at this point that I had the most insecure thought in history. I actually thought to myself

Oh my god my friend thinks this baby is funnier than me..

In any other domain that just doesn’t happen. Imagine if you were an athlete in a really tough sport, let’s say male gymnastics. 1 And let’s say you spend your whole life training to make it to the Olympics and do. And let’s say you come in second place and look over to see who the judges scored better than you and in first place was…a sneezing baby. You’d be pissed! Well know you know exactly how I feel about babies. I’m very anti-baby. 2

  1. Those guys are hella ripped
  2. In case you were wondering how salty I actually am about all of this, notice that I refused to link to the video mentioned above.