No Ragrets

You know who the worst people in the world are?

*Senses reader tightening up*

That was my fault. That definitely sounded like the start of an ugly rant. Like the most probable next sentence was going to be:

This isn’t that at all. At least I hope so.

The worst people in the world are people who say they have no regrets. Like at all. In life.

That’s batshit crazy!

If you have no regrets that means either you’ve never eaten McDonald’s or you eat McDonald’s so regularly that your body can now process plastic. Either way you have something to regret.

There’s no way any sane person thinks “You know what, I did it, I’ve just been killing it my entire life, I made the right decision every time and now I’m a security guard..That’s just god’s plan for me. This is it.” If you have no regrets and you spend your day guarding more successful peoples stuff, what does that really say about you?

I think what people mean when they say the don’t have regrets is that they’re grateful. That they understand how fortunate they are in the overall grand scheme of things. But you can be both. Like one time I went on a date with this girl that was clearly an egomaniacal asshole but also clearly way out my league good-looking. I regretted it but I was still grateful that she gave me the chance. It was a nice self esteem boost and sometimes you just need that.